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Hypnosis. Doing nothing on a high level


Whether you believe in it or not: hypnosis works.


Being in trance states is a natural ability of human beings. You can easily reach it: in a relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by beautiful music specially adapted to your current situation and to your person. Thus, step by step, through physical relaxation, you will also reach a state of mental relaxation and calmness.

The deep relaxation is a certain level of consciousness


such as utmost concentration. Your consciousness is not asleep, it is concentrated on inner experiencing. In this state, you can still perceive everything that is happening around you. You also hear the voice of the therapist and this is what makes joint, therapeutic work possible in the first place. How deep your trance is, is not decisive here.

Hypnosis, why?

Because about 90% of our actions are controlled by the subconscious. Consequently, your subconscious is the place where change is meaningful and comprehensively promising. Our subconscious knows better about healing than we do - it needs instructions.


The tiger's sharp teeth: anxiety


What motivates us most to suppress unpleasant things is fear. It can paralyze us and prevent us from realizing our plans and desires. (Unconscious) anxiety prevents free access to deeper events, feelings, and also to our inherent, undreamed-of resources and abilities.  

Fear can not exist simultaneously with relaxation states in our system.

Therapeutic hypnosis takes advantage of this, because deep relaxation (this is the state that is to be achieved by means of hypnosis) helps to find a better access to inner images and thus to get to deeper lying conflicts. Actually it is a focusing of attention on inner search processes.

Your subconscious knows about causes and possible solutions

Step by step, comparable to a puzzle, connections to earlier life events and conflicts or traumatic experiences emerge. In this way, those situations that frighten us in the wakeful state, but are manageable in trance, become visible all by themselves. These can go back to your childhood and influence your current life in a way that is perhaps unknown to you. Events that you consider 'significant' can be meaningless to your subconscious and vice versa! 

Regardless of your conviction, those experiences that evoke emotions in the state of relaxation are nonprocessed and unconscious.

For this reason, it is not necessary to dig up old, actually processed events in the unconscious. As an experienced therapist, I respect that your subconscious will only show exactly what is currently digestible for you and meaningful for the deeper insight and your healing.

Why does this work?

Because even in the trance state you know that you are safe on the relaxation couch and only a part of you is on the journey inside.

Moreover, you are well accompanied by me, you do not need to face the events alone.

You watch incidents of your life from a distanced, expanded perspective and can recognize connections from a "safe" distance. This recognition is the basis for seeing what you have experienced with different eyes, to re-evaluate it.

Such states of relaxation help significantly to restructure conventional views, to deal creatively with your partly undreamt-of resources. To look at situations in a new way ("I never thought of it that way before!"), to cope with pain and influence psychosomatic reactions etc.. Because you leave the usual, dominant, critical thinking in favor of spatial, pictorial, musical, holistic, intuitive processing.


Self-Hypnosis Instructions

Deepening the new pathways (re-evaluations, new inner images) by repeatedly listening to self-hypnosis instructions between sessions, will stabilize therapy success. Finally, you have left habitual patterns of thought and "data highways" (new, neural connections) have to be created and deepened for your new attitude.

A re-evaluation of the events takes place, which feels relieving, liberating and enriching in everyday life. In addition, the energy bound up in previously unprocessed experiences is released. This power is immediately available to you for self-healing. 

You would like to experience the wonderful possibilities of deep relaxation? Make an appointment 089.65114255 or write a message. 

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