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All about therapy

please call me 089.65114255, daily from 09:00 to 10:30 or anytime by contact form. Our personal presence is already an effective part of our communication, because we exchange with each other not only verbally, but also visually. Therefore, I ask for your understanding that I cannot answer therapeutic questions by e-mail or on the phone.

Appointment cancellation

If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please notify me 48 hours in advance so that I can assign that appointment to someone else.

If you cancel later, I will have to charge you for the appointment.

How to find me

My practice rooms are close to Mittlerer Ring,

Public transportation: metro station U 1 Candidplatz or Bus 52.

Public Parking Lots available.



The billing for payment without reimbursement from an insurance company is based on 'Gebührenordnung für Heilpraktiker' (GebüH).

From March 2022 it is 2 times the rate of GebüH: € 92,00. 

Psycho-oncological session per 60 min. = € 92,00

Psychotherapeutic session per 60 min. = € 92,00 

Therapeutic hypnosis per 60 min. = € 92,00

Billing takes place in 30 min. intervals.

I am not bound to therapeutic directives. So I can offer you two effective
and scientifically appreciated methods, conversational psychotherapy and therapeutic hypnosis. Experience has shown that most of my clients achieve their goals quite quickly using these methods. Short-term therapies, such as therapeutical hypnosis, are comparatively inexpensive, since usually only very few sessions are necessary.

Public health insurances do not cover my services, most private health insurances cover them completely or proportionally, depending on your individual insurance contract. Please ask your private health insurance for the exact conditions.

You are a customer to a private health insurance? In this case I will invoice you directly and reimbursement by your insurance company is your responsibility. 

"... Nach § 611 BGB ist die Höhe der Vergütung der freien Vereinbarung zwischen Heilpraktiker und Patient überlassen. Wenn beim Zustandekommen des Behandlungsvertrages über eine Vergütung nicht gesprochen wurde, so gilt sie doch nach § 612 BGB als vereinbart..."

(Fachverband Deutscher Heilpraktiker | Bundesverbandshomepage CF-00-02-01 GebueH 85/2002)

Start of therapy

You can avoid long waiting times, paying for the treatment privately,

without reimbursing by an insurance company. The reason is, that there is no need for extensive application correspondence with health insurance companies. 

So, I can offer you therapy appointments promptly. In addition, therapy can be discreet because I do not have to diagnose, which health insurance companies require when billing.


I am bound to secrecy.

Therapy duration

How long the therapy will take depends on the personal challenge you come to me for and your ability to approach and cope with this problem.

E. g. in the case of hypnotherapy, therapy may only take a few hours. However, therapy novices should take enough time to get to know themselves. I will be happy to discuss my estimate of the total duration with you at the very beginning of therapy.

Duration of sessions

Experience shows that most people need about 15 min. to delve deeply into topics, it can be useful to plan 90 min. per session. 

Waiting times

your appointment is an indiviual appointment, so there will be no waiting time. I kindly ask you to come to the practice on time - not too early. Thank you very much!

Covid Information

This practice is managed according to the current regulations in Bavaria. Your appointment with me is always an individual appointment. There are no waiting times, therefore no waiting room, in this regard there is no risk of infection.

Therapy online | Telehealth

I do not want to delegate back the personal encounter to where problems often originate: to a virtual world where your individual personality, complex feelings and problems can only show in a limited way. You are an individual, you want to be seen, heard, understood, comforted, encouraged and challenged and as such I reserve the right to treat you as well personally, individually, professionally and humanely. Under certain circumstances sessions can take place by telephone or zoom (e. g. immunosuppressed patients).

Public health insurances

do not cover my services. In order to find a suitable therapist, please contact: Koordinationsstelle Psychotherapie
Tel: 01805.809680 oder

Rating portals on the Internet

I am not represented on these portals, because the validity of the ratings is sometimes doubtful. I prefer to publish feedback personally addressed to me with kind permission of the respective authors.

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