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Everyone has a story.

Come to rest. Speak out. Discover. Change.

My role is supportive. You deserve to be heard and understood with compassion and without judgement. Your story is unique and it matters. My role, and privilege, is to support you while honoring your uniqueness. I am committed to your well-being and to celebrating your personal growth and achievements. Especially when it jerks because life shifts into the next gear. To those who have shared and trusted me with their stories, I am deeply grateful for this role.

Speaking out relieves, frees and makes creative.

All the things that are confusing, stressful or scary, are difficult to deal with without an empathetic counterpart. I help to name, visualize, illuminate from multiple sides and so new perspectives emerge. Gradually, assessment changes and challenges can be approached in a new way. There is no defined goal, 'solutions' are not demanded, but sometimes come surprisingly like a gift as a gracious inspiration - often between sessions. Hidden treasures maybe lifted, e.g. strengths that you were not aware of before.

So life questions and fears can be seen as signposts to inner truth. Clarity arises when we engage with it, and is an effective part of personal development.

Let’s get started: write or call me: 089.65114255

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