Let´s talk about.

Come to rest. Speak out. Discover. Change.

In the initial conversations we can find out whether we feel comfortable with each other. After all, the decisive factor for the progress of therapy is the 'chemistry' between you and me, as well as your own motivation to engage in possible changes.

All thoughts and feelings have a place.

Everyday things, conflicts, life challenges, defended feelings, etc. can be expressed maybe for the first time, as well as the things that cannot be named so far. They serve as a guide through your inner jungle. Often, however, hidden treasures are also lifted - e.g. strengths of which you were previously unaware!

Speaking out relieves, frees and makes creative.

Without an empathetic counterpart, all the things that are confusing, stressful or scary are difficult to deal with alone. I help to name, to visualize, to illuminate from several sides and to develop perspectives ...  Little by little, perspectives change and challenges can be approached in a new way.

There is no defined goal, 'solutions' are not demanded, but sometimes come surprisingly like a gift as a gracious inspiration - often between sessions.

This freedom to ask yourself the right questions, leads the way to your own inner truth, generates clarity, makes you capable of acting again and is thus an effective part of your personal development.

I look forward to getting to know you - write or call me: 089.65114255