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Going through surgery

well prepared and calm 


and quickly get fit again - no problem with self-hypnosis! 


Use your own potential to get through an upcoming operation or a serious illness in a relaxed way, and get fit again quickly. We activate your unconscious resources that effectively relieve your body during and after the operation. In the same way we deal with possible fears and previous experiences. You will be amazed to feel how profound and powerful your unconscious is!



How does it work?

We "tap" into your unconscious resources. These forces that lie dormant within you, influence and regulate body functions all by themselves during and after the operation, such as

  • blood pressure

  • circulation

  • digestion

  • wound healing

  • lung function

  • regulation of the immune system

in the best way for you.

This means, for example, less loss of blood, reduced pain sensation and therefore fewer painkillers, trouble-free wound healing, accelerated detoxification. So thanks to your good self-care, you are back on your feet faster, you are calmer, more relaxed, more serene.



It is best to begin your preparation for surgery two to three weeks before your scheduled appointment. I will be happy to visit you, if for health reasons you are unable to come to my practice. 

A first interview


provides information about your conscious or unconscious strengths, resources and potentials and also about your fears, worries and possible previous experiences.

As an "initial spark"

I offer you to experience a first deep relaxation session in my practice. The special setting and the gentle, individually tailored procedure let the contents anchor deeply, so they can memorized easily. A good start!


On what you bring along, I then create a self-hypnosis instruction for you: what you generally prefer, your coping strategies, helpful things from your biography ... That is why this approach is particularly effective. In addition, your recording includes a wide range of ways in which you can relieve and support your body. You will feel stronger, more confident and calmer because you are actively contributing to your well-being.


Your cells listen to you.

If you wish, you can record the hypnosis instructions by yourself, because your own familiar voice is ideal for conveying suggestions and therefore has a particularly lasting effect. You can receive your personal recording as an mp.3 file, ideal for your cell phone or as a CD. Listen to an excerpt of a self-hypnosis instruction here:

OP Anleitung
OP Anleitung - Evelin Lenz

What you must be able ...

... actually nothing! - Except listening to your recording in a relaxed situation. Preferably as often as possible, so that you internalize your pictorial journey. Therefore, it is advantageous to start with self-hypnosis 14 days before planned surgery.

Self Empowerment

You can go into the surgery in a strengthened, calm and relaxed state, because you have done everything to ensure that you are well prepared. - With the awareness that you can also trust in your unconscious resources, in case should something go differently than planned. Isn't it good to know, that with self-hypnosis you open a real treasure chest for unconscious solutions?

Supplementary physical pre- and aftercare

In order to support your body as best as possible before and after the surgery, I cooperate with an experienced and specialized physician, who combines human medicine and naturopathic medicine. Among other things, she prepares your detoxification organs perfectly for the operation. This ensures that self-healing processes in your body will function in the best possible way and that anesthetics and painkillers are eliminated quickly. Specific homeopathic support has also proven to be very helpful.

During aftercare, an individualized nutrition plan, plus targeted administration of micronutrients helps you to regain your strength quickly. Among other things, another positive effect is that the aftercare of the surgical wounds can reduce scarring to a minimum. 

I look forward to accompanying you. Just write me or call me, preferably 14 days before planned surgery: 089.65114255

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